There is a record of a Pyrenean Sheepdog (Berger de Pyrénées) having been exhibited at Crufts in 1929 but it was not until 1986 and 1988 that two litters were bred here in the U.K.

I first saw one of this breed when I was judging in the USA in 1976. In America they are called Pyrenean Shepherds. The one I saw was at the Rivergroves Mountain Dog Kennels, it was a bright red little dog which would have resembled a fox if it had not had cropped ears and a docked tail.

In 1991 I visited the French National Show held in the Pyrenees where about seventy of the breed were being exhibited.

Following this I was able to book three bitches Groseille, Garrique and Gavarnie all from different litters from the Pic d'Arbizon Kennels of Marie Maillot.

Soon they were joined by two dogs Gripp and Gin bred by Alain Pécoult at the kennels de la Bourguine in Provence.

These five dogs were my foundation stock and a year later they were joined by Demelza Octavia June from the litter born in the UK in 1988.

Our first litters were born in Spring 1993. From the first two litters, Carabrae Anelisa and Carabrae Beaune joined Monica Westerberg and Ulrika Lundh's Hobnobs kennel in Sweden. They were shown extensively and quickly became Swedish champions. Anelisa went on to become a Norwegian, Finnish, Danish and International champion.

Both bitches have bred very successfully and from Anelisa's first litter by Multi Champion Jalibre de l'Oustaou de Padel, Hobnobs Didier (Hobby) came to join us in England and add an extra line to the gene pool.


All our original dogs are now enjoying their retirement.  We sadly lost Gin at twelve but the others are now in their 14th year.

In May 2001 I was very fortunate to obtain Medoc du Pic d'Arbizon on loan for two years from Marie Maillot. He was one of the current top winning dogs in France and his hip score was A/A. Medoc was 'en robe de cadenettes'.



I also purchased his daughter Pastorale. She has produced two super litters by Carabrae Reynard.


In July 2001, I went to Provence to collect the litter brother and sister Roquefort Bleu and Risette de la Bourguine, Bred by Alain Pécoult.





Sauterelle de Loubajac

Sauterelle Bleue de Loubajac joined us in September 2002.  She has been very successful in the show ring and has taken time out to have a litter by Roquefort Bleu. This blue to blue mating was done deliberately to try to get and fix good quality clean coloured blue merles, without the heavy black markings and shadings of fawn that are so common in Europe.  The result was very successful, Fidelio and Fleurette have been winning as puppies and Fantasie (Zoe) has her sights set on the top of the agility world!

Suzette du Pic d'Arbizon stayed with Marie Maillot for an extra year in France.  She was judged best bitch puppy at the national show in the Pyrenees and the following year won an excellent.  She was mated to Isaby du Grand Bestiolan and came over in whelp in September 2003.  Unfortunately she only produced one bitch puppy Gloriana but it does give us another line for breeding.  She had two lovely puppies by Micou last year and has produced three puppies by Gofa in 2005. As Suzette has cropped ears we cannot show her in England but we are planning to take her back to the Pyrenees in September 2005.

Suzette du Pic d'Arbizon

Isaby du Grand Bestiolan
(Isaby & friend)

Hobnob's Baptiste

Our newest arrival is Hobnob's Baptiste from Sweden. He is all French breeding by Nor/Swe Ch Sarradet de Loubajac ex Rhubarbe de Loubajac. He was born in Sweden and bred by Monica Westerberg and Ulrika Lundh of the Hobnobs kennel.  He quickly settled in and mated Suzette!
He is also the father of our first litter from Risette.

Waiting in the wings in France is Vagabond du Pic d'Arbizon!  He is a very promising young semi-long haired black dog who will join us after the French Club show in September 2005.

Vagabond du Pic d'Arbizon

Since 1993 I have bred 152 puppies, all of whom have kept their ears and tails. Several dogs are being exhibited very successfully by their new owners and many are competing in agility. Most of the dogs are very happy living in pet homes.

Showing the dogs has been difficult in the UK as they are classed as a very rare breed and currently can only be exhibited in special classes for imported dogs, however, we have just heard that the Pyrenean Sheepdogs will move to the Rare Breeds register on 1st January 2006.

Over the past fifteen years I have tried to build up a kennel of Pyrenean Sheepdogs that would equal the quality of the Carabrae Pyrenean Mountain Dogs.  Only time will tell if I have succeeded! I have imported a lot of dogs to give us a good gene pool and sound base on which to establish the breed in the UK. With the very small litter sizes most people have to be prepared to wait a long time for a puppy. They are in great demand but most people just want a pet and are often persuaded by their vets to have them neutered. This is such a waste with a very rare breed and the cost of importing them. If I have one regret it is that there are not more people wanting to breed these exciting little dogs.

Carabrae are proud to have provided the Pyrenean Sheepdog Foundation Stock for:-

and extra bitches for Hobnobs in Sweden.

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