In July 1994, I organised the first meeting of Bergers in the U.K. This was a symposium to introduce the breed to judges, the press and anyone else who was interested. There were 98 people present.

Our speaker was M. Alain Pécoult who was at that time the secretary of the French breed club (la Réunion des Amateurs des Chiens Pyrénéens) and who is now their President. Alain Pecoult is also the owner of the "de la Bourguine" Kennel.

Since that date, we have run a talk/fun day almost every year. We usually have a speaker in the morning and then an afternoon of fun and games followed by a tea.

M. Pécoult has been our mentor and has very kindly attended on many occasions to give us guidance on our breeding programmes. There have also been lectures by Veterinary Surgeons, an Osteopath, a professional photographer and a morning with an animal behaviourist.

One year we ran a class and test for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award. Many Bergers have now achieved their Silver and Gold Awards.

For the last six years, we have held this event at the Horam Village Hall on the A267 in East Sussex. It is an ideal venue as there is a local walk, excellent indoor and outdoor facilities and a camping and caravan site next door, for our long distance visitors.

In 2005 our Fun Day was on Sunday 19th June and our speaker was the well known Veterinary Surgeon Mr Francis E. Hunter MRCVS who spoke on Homeopathy.


In 1995 Meriel Weston of the Rambauds Bergers produced the first of many Newsletters. This was originally called the Carabrae Newsletter as Meriel had Carabrae Brioche from my second litter. As our numbers increased and she started breeding and as we had enthusiasts overseas, this became the International Newsletter and the IPSF was born.

We are not an official club. Membership is open to anyone interested in the Pyrenean Sheepdog. Our subscription is simply for the cost of producing the Newsletter.

If you would be interested in joining, please contact the current Newsletter editor Diane Newton on +44(0) 1777 818954 or email

We also have a shop selling Berger items from key rings to Fleeces. This is now bring run by Mike & Felicity Cafferata. Contact them on +44(0) 1477 533094 or email

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